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Automatic tools.

Gas Pex has a range of affordable quality manual and automatic tools
specifically designed for installation and jointing of Gas Pex piping systems.


Automatic Tools

ACO102 - Compact and high-performance efficiency

The new pressing unit ACO102 is the successor of the well-known AFP101 and is even smaller and lighter.

Thanks to the rubberized housing the ergonomic handling could be improved. Furthermore the ACO102 has many valuable features to make working easier, faster and safer. The LED signal located under the transparent start button gives information about the battery or the status of the pressing units or occurred failures.

With the manual release valve the pressing cycle can be interrupted in any emergency situation. The ACO102 can be used with two different types of Lithium-Ion batteries – 1,5 Ah or 3,0 Ah for twice capacity.

Dimensions metal pipe up to 35 mm
Dimensions plastic pipe up to 40 mm
Weight (incl. battery) 1,7 kg
Length 319 mm
Width 96 mm
Height 70 mm
Power consumption 240 W
Piston force 19 kN
Piston stroke 30 mm
Battery 12V Li-Ion 1,5 / 3,0 Ah
Battery capacity 40-180 Press cycles
Charging time approx. 30 / 60 min.


ACO102 - Compact and high-performance efficiency

Smaller, lighter and easier to handle – these ergonomic principles got realized on the new pressfitting tooling generation from Novopress. The Comfort-Line pressing tools ACO202 (battery driven) and ECO202 (mains driven) are lighter than their antecessors and more handy in the grip area, so that the tool can be handled easily and safely. The surface is made of two components and the rubberised section is an additional advantage for the handling of the tools.

As with the former tools, the approved product features, such as i.e. the electronic retention bolt-monitoring or the automatic pressing cycle were implemented in the ACO202 and ECO202, as well as the diagnostic functions and the logbook that records the the pressing cycles very detailed. In addition to all the well known features, the pressing speed was significantly increased and because of the new battery technology with Lithium-Ion batteries the ACO202 can offer a higher level of efficiency. Furthermore every battery has a status indicator, which shows the current battery charge level.

Dimensions metal pipe up to 54 mm
(depending on system up to 108 mm)
Dimensions plastic pipe up to 110 mm
Piston force 32 kN 32 kN
Piston stroke 40 mm 40 mm
Weight 3,9 kg 3,3 kg (incl. battery)
Length 430 mm 408 mm
Width 79 mm 80 mm
Height 92 mm 125 mm
Power consumption 450 W 450 W
Battery --

18V Li-Ion 1,5 Ah

18V Li-Ion 3,0 Ah

Battery capacity 1) -- 50 / 110 press cycles
Charging time 2) -- approx. 30 min. / 60 min